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*Moose's Antique Fire Brigade Parade Battalion 29* 

                   Pride "OUT OF SERVICE" Since 1999

Pride OUT OF SERVICE Since 1999

History of our Brigade. From Engine Co. to Parade Battalion

The Brigade was established on October 3, 1999 The meeting was held with 4 members present. We established the chain of command & the ideals for what we stood for & what truck we would purchase. We decided on a 1966 American La France Pioneer I pumper. White over red in color. That truck would not go forward. We did not go through with that sale. So, we purchased a 1970 mack cf600 Pumper. This truck was one of our favorites. We nicknamed it "The Blue Moose" It originated from the Minquas Fire Co. Station 23 in Newport, DE. It was White over red. It was designated as Engine 235. Then procedure changed in that county, since the new designation 235, 5 being a tanker, it was renumbered as engine 231.  It went out of service & was sold to the Guardian Co. in Bear, DE. The truck was repainted white over blue. It was sold a time later to a private collector. It was then sold to us in 2000. She was retired in 2003 because of a rod going through the motor of the truck. about 2 weeks later, we purchased a  Our next truck is a 1983 American La France Century Series 1250 GPM Pumper. This piece originated from the Collingswood, NJ Fire Department Station 16-1. She ran as Engine 1611. She was sold to us in July 2008 and was designated Parade Engine 231. She served us well & went to many events. She took home some awards including some Christmas Parades in our area. She was retired August 8, 2010 due to repairs that were way too expensive & parts could not be found. Our other piece is an 1930's hose Cart. This piece originates from the Eagle Hose Co. No. 1 in Greenport, NY. We bought this piece & is the oldest piece we have. It is under restoration.  On August 3, 2010 a general meeting was held for the reorganization of the Parade Battalion, a new command structure was introduced with the new station number 29 being unveiled. This should be a good new start for us. On August 29, 2010, the new Parade Battalion number & structure was approved, & the purchase of a new piece of apparatus was approved. This piece is a 1973 Ward LaFrance Ambassador with a Hale 1,000 GPM Pump, & a 1000 gallon water tank. She has a 8v 71 Detroit Diesel motor with a 5 speed manual Allison Transmission. She is outfitted with a Aerodynic lightbar, an added Roto Ray Pinwheel type light that really spiced her up. 2 Dietz Lollipop type lights that were later replaced with 2 Sho Me 2 beam rotators for added visibility. That look still suits the year. A federal 77 siren was added, in addition to the GE Powercall siren. A 10" Locomotive type bell was readded to the bumper. She was retired in 2013 due to repairs beyond our means. We are currently seeking another piece. We are also making an application to become an official chapter of SPAAMFAA.  SOCIETY for the PRESERVATION & APPRECIATION of ANTIQUE MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS in AMERICA.

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