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*Moose's Antique Fire Brigade Parade Battalion 29* 

                   Pride "OUT OF SERVICE" Since 1999

Pride OUT OF SERVICE Since 1999

Brigade Chief's Report

Our ambulance is becoming a Ghostbusters Ecto Mobile. I am slowly but surely getting this club back where it belongs. Christmas was a huge success.  We were able to go to  many of the area parades. We attended Runnemede but we were not decorated that night unfortunately. We attended our hometown of Gloucester City's parade and tree lighting. We brought a trophy home from Clayton New Jersey. We also attended Magnolia New Jersey's first Christmas parade. So many events are coming up. Unfortunately the Ambulance is in the shop again. Hopefully we get it back for the upcoming events.

We are still working on becoming an official association & getting our 501c3 non profit certificate. I FOR ONE AM TIRED OF SEEING THESE EVENTS JUST SLIP AWAY...  it's time to get out there & do something. Engine? Ladder? Tower Ladder? Squrt? Who knows?

We are actively seeking members & trying to build back up to where we once were or better. We have to regain the "Pride Out of Service" that we once had when we started in 1999. We went "10 Years & still were makin" Noise" But we look ahead to the future. We now need to restore our club as it was meant to be. That restoration started August 29, 2010 & continues today.

One point will be made perfectly clear. Anyone that is not listed on this site & our Facebook page are not members. We have had imposters try & speak on our behalf. If anyone has any questions please contact us here or at [email protected].

Until next report, stay safe.

Respectfully submitted on February 14, 2016 @ 10:07:32 hours by:

Robert "Moose" Schemelia - President / Brigade Chief / Chauffeur / Ghostbuster

Ghostbusters Camden County NJ powered by

Moose's Antique Fire Brigade Parade Battalion 29

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