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*Moose's Antique Fire Brigade Parade Battalion 29* 

                   Pride "OUT OF SERVICE" Since 1999

Pride OUT OF SERVICE Since 1999

Our 1991 Ford E 350 / Med Tec Type II ambulance is going on a new mission. The "OWWIEE!!!" Mobile is becoming a Ghostbusters Ecto Mobile! The Ectoline 299 7/8 See the Brigade Chief's report for details.
We are an antique fire association in the works that focuses on preserving historical vehicles as well as operating them for demonstration purposes & competition. We have taken the roles of fire officers to have an actual command structure when we use our trucks at the different events we attend for safety & educational purposes. We assist in educating the public in the history, fire prevention, safety, & the workings of the fire department through the different eras. The eras we cover are the 1930's, the 1960's 1970's 1980's & the 1990's. We are a group of friends & family that have been firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians & rescue personnel. We are all out to have a good time. So...come to some of the events on our calendar & see for yourselves what we are all about. Who knows. You might just like what you see .
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